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Its not only about getting things done, but about getting the right things done!

"Ideas are easy, execution is everything and it needs a team to win." - John Doer

Many creatives and entrepreneurs don't have a lack of ideas, they bubble over with ideas or are continuous working on their ideas. Motivation doesn't seem to be the problem either. What's missing is a straight forward approach for execution and a approach how it might be possible to tackle. 

Lean and agile thinking is helping to enhance a hands-on mentality, along with a set of tools and methods it helps to deliver a skillset for execution. It helps to turn ideas into action!

As a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, Esbjörn has practical experience in facilitating an environment that thrives organizations towards excellent delivery.

It is important to get the rights things done, therefore it must be clear where personal value is hidden. Often too much time is spend on stuff and duties that doesn't really matter to, or doesn't help us to become better entrepreneurs, pastors, teachers, employees, leaders or parents. Agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban, Lean and goal setting with OKR´s can be hacked and utilized, so that they fit in. 

Agile and action orientated execution brings fast and high quality results. Iterative action loops and regular reflection ensure that work on the right things is done in the right time. And in case of doubt it will be adjusted. 

When it comes to implementing ideas and concepts, Esbjörn works or has worked with the following methods and tools:




_Lean Six-Sigma​​

_Toyota Kata

_Project-Management (GPM, PMI)

_Poka Yoke