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A solution focused approach and foresight for strategic forecasting, design thinking and personal development.

How can individuals and organizations - in times of constant change - in an ever faster and more complex world, face the questions and problems of the future? - When the paradigms and solutions of the past no longer provide answers? 


How do we learn to recognize, think of and create new possibilities for the future and for action far away from the paths that have been taken?  ​

A solution-focused approach for the future, looks for the solution regardless of whether the solution is directly related to the problem. The solution does not necessarily have to be that of the problem. A solution-focused approach expands one's own thinking and scope of action. A solution-focused approach is differentiating and creates criteria and a valid and measurable solution.


A foresight mindset is the attitude that forms out the ability to look to the future, whether a future is realistic or not - it creates a future. The foresight approach furthermore follows a skillset, a variation of methods with whom a person or a group is able to put foresight into action. A glimpse of tomorrow.

Esbjörn works significantly with Foresight in the following activities and areas:

_Problem-Solving (Solutions)

_Design-Thinking & Innovation

_Project-Design (Prejecting)

_Vision & Strategy Development​

_Goal-Setting (OKRs, Hoshin-Kanri)