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You can't change people, but you can change the environment in a way that people could find sense in it.

What makes some teams and organisations more likeable on one hand and more effective on the other hand? 

A psychological safe environment is the best soil for action orientated execution. 

A team that really likes his work-environment is going to be more engaged and focused and therefore can bring in fast and high quality results by having fun. 

Psychological safety is far and away the most important thing for a team. It is more important then who might be a member of a team. It is far more important then the structure or the way things are done. ​

Furthermore are shared experiences and a good and mindful language a way to foster a healthy and safety environment. 


 A "good" organizational culture and happy people have always been the most important things for Esbjörn. Experience shows that "happy" people who see meaning in their activities are the most important basis for excellent results. 

We are building teams that perform and innovate. Together with our costumers we work on performance und team culture.  

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