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Productivity Masterclass - achieve more of the right things

The most precious treasure at our hands is lifetime. How much value are we able to create within these boundaries? Lean is a way of thinking that tries to think in terms of possibilities and resources within within these boundaries. The less needless effort we put into it, the more values we can create. 

We often try so hard. We put in so much needless effort, although we all have better things to do.  We work on many needless things and get those things that really matter not done.

In the productivity masterclass we hack agile methods and lean-thinking for personal productivity. You will learn how to use your available time in a way that enables you to do more within your limits.


- Learn what mindset and principles it takes to apply lean-thinking to you. 

- Expand your understanding of your vision, personal value creation and your time thieves. 

- Master and hack the agile techniques and tools you need to increase your productivity.


The 2-Day Productivity Masterclass is an inter- action-based learning workshop, which guarantees a high degree of theory-practice combination. Here not only content in the sense of an academy is conveyed. Within the framework of the Masterclass you will develop a production system tailored to your personal needs

You will learn:

- how your perspective on time shapes your attitude to life

- how to distinguish between value-adding and non-value-adding work

- how to explore your vision and values

- how your vision and values affect your goals

- how to align your activities along the objects that are decisive for you (OKRs)

- how to align your planning and your goals 

- how to procrastinate less and to recognize muse as a resource

- how incremental work can get you into a flow state

- how to have more fun in execution


Together with the course you will get online access to all resources and tools for free use. In addition, you will supported by experienced mentors in the implementation of the learned in four regular online jour-fixe.

- full online-access to all ressources

- four online coaching sessions

Time and Location

- Heidelberg (August 2019, tba)

- Hannover (September 2019, tba)

- Wiesbaden (October 2019, tba)

- Berlin (November 2019, tba)

- Köln (December, tba)

- Capetown (December 2019, tba)

- Lisboa (January 2020, tba)

Information, fees and registration

Costs for the seminar incl. snacks and documents: 1500 EUR incl. VAT.

Information and registration at hello@egerking.com